By Patrick Keys
Last revised May 20, 2010.

Introduction, our company website, uses the exact same technologies, products, and services that we provide our clients and customers around the world. Understanding the development philosophy we use on our own site will help you understand the distinct advantages and added value that Transtelligent offers over other site developers.

Our website is built from the ground up using open development standards. Standards we routinely use include XHTML, Cascading StyleSheets (CSS), JavaScript, and PHP. By using industry standards, Transtelligent gets the most value for our development time and expenses by being assured that our website is properly viewable on the most web browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Built On Modern Open Standards - XHTML and CSS

XHTML and Cascading StyleSheets (CSS), used together, allow us to separate content and design. "Real" page information is contained in properly-formatted XHTML documents. Design, formatting, and presentation details are contained in separate CSS files. By separating content and presentation, we are able to achieve smaller file sizes for our pages which results in faster page download times.

A consistent look and feel is achieved by using just one CSS file for every page on our site. We can also make our site look better on certain browsers and devices simply by writing separate CSS files specifically for those browsers and devices, without ever modifying the pages themselves.

Search-engine optimization is another benefit of separating our page content and design. Because the formatting and presentation for our pages is contained in separate CSS files, our pages themselves are devoted to actual content and useful information. This means that search engines are able to more accurately "read" our pages, finding the keywords and relevant details that allow us to have higher ranking in search results.

Making Our Pages Come Alive - JavaScript

JavaScript lets us make our pages come alive. With JavaScript, Transtelligent is able to use dynamic content on our pages without requiring visitors to continuously reload or refresh the page in the browser. XHTML and JavaScript's Document Object Model (DOM) let us add "behavior" to pages, so that page details are not merely a paragraph, image, table, or list. Instead, each page detail is itself a "block" element that can be dynamically manipulated and modified to achieve effects or perform functions based on user interaction.

100% Flash Free

Not a single page of our website has ever used any Flash in Transtelligent's entire ten year company history. From it's beginning, Flash was never so much a technology as a product. Flash development is proprietary and not well-maintained. Flash content forces users to waste time by waiting on Flash applets to download. Flash content has never been well accessible for search-engine optimization. Flash is also not able to properly display on the rapidly expanding market of mobile devices and smartphones.

Tested And Reviewed Using Real-World Applications

We review every major development change to our site by testing in over three dozen different web browsers. Using popular internet-based testing tools, every major change we make to is manually loaded in at least three dozen different web browsers on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. Once the pages are loaded, each machine takes a screenshot of what our website actually looks like in that particular web browser. Knowing exactly how our website looks on each web browser allows us to make adjustments and modify our pages to achieve a consistent layout no matter how our pages are viewed.

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