Our People

Patrick W. Keys, Founder & Chief Executive

Patrick Keys founded Transtelligent Corporation in 1999.

Today, Patrick serves Transtelligent as both president of the Board of Directors and our senior executive.

Patrick's business qualifications include over fifteen years of real-world experience in the technology industry, including all levels of project management and business management.

Patrick's vast and ever-expanding technical skills includes technologies dating as far back as the early 1990's. Through over a decade and a half of direct involvement with information technology, he has witnessed the evolution of graphical user interfaces, seen the incredible rise of the internet, experienced the sophistication of web browser technology, and played an active part in the expanding social web. His present focuses include:

  • Video compression technologies,
  • Social web applications,
  • Multimedia content distribution,
  • Database technology and information architecture,
  • Search-engine optimization strategies,
  • Advanced web statistics and metrics analysis,
  • High-volume web server configuration,
  • Client-side web development languages,
  • 802.11, 4g, 3g, Wi-Fi, and other networking technologies,
  • Linux systems administration,
  • Cloud computing integration and architecture, and
  • Green clean hardware technology.

Patrick has written numerous articles and commentary for various business journals and technology publications.

Patrick Keys' formal education includes a baccalaureate degree of business administration from the College of Business at University of Houston. He is also presently pursuing a juris doctorate in Northern California.

Patrick resides in Silicon Valley, California, where he focuses on building strategic relations with the world's most exciting and innovative technology companies.

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